Thursday, 24 April 2014

From CMD change directory from C to D

Friend I'm back. From last 3 years fall in love with python only, so forgot windows..LOLZZZ....

While using windows facing an issue to change the directory from C drive to D drive. But found solution for the same. Lets explain via an example. Here we go.....

Lets consider we are in C drive
C:\Users\hv3775>cd /d "D:\"

To go to D drive like this D:\, type following command on cmd and you are done :)

C:\>cd /d "D:\"


Transform an XML file using XSLT in Python


Form last two months was so busy, so not able to write any new post. But in last two months while doing my project encountered with an issue. The issue was to generate CSV files from the given XML & XSLT file using python. But by doing some research able to find solution using the most popular library LXML. Lets try to explore how its is possible.

Go to your python terminal, and import lxml library
>>> from lxml import etree

1) Open xslt file and read its content.
>>> data = open('D:\Conversion\MACSXML_Parts.xslt')
>>> xslt_content =

2) Now parse xslt content to etree.XML method. "etree.XML" returns root node (or the result returned by a parser target).
>>> xslt_root = etree.XML(xslt_content)

3) Parse required XML file to etree.parse method, will return ElementTree object like this "<lxml.etree._ElementTree object at 0x01AB1F08>"
>>> dom = etree.parse('D:\Conversion\Cat2015UF.xml')

4) Parse xslt_root node to etree.XSLT(created above). "etree.XSLT" turn an XSL document into an XSLT object.
>>> transform = etree.XSLT(xslt_root)

5) Finally parse dom that has been created above to the new created transformed XSLT object.
>>> result = transform(dom)

Your result contained the appropriate data. You can store this into CSV file like:
>>> f = open('D:\Conversion\MACSXML_Parts.csv', 'w')
>>> f.write(str(result))
>>> f.close()

Full example is as:

 from lxml import etree

 data = open('D:\Conversion\MACSXML_Parts.xslt')

 xslt_content =
 xslt_root = etree.XML(xslt_content)
 dom = etree.parse('D:\Conversion\Cat2015UF.xml')
 transform = etree.XSLT(xslt_root)
 result = transform(dom)
 f = open('D:\Conversion\MACSXML_Parts.csv', 'w')
You can view the same code on gist too. Link is as
Hope it is helpful. If it's don't forget to share :P

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Transfer files or folder from windows to Unix using putty Or vice versa

Sometimes we want to transfer files/folder from UNIX server to our windows via putty. So its possible??

Its possible via pscp. Wait what is the pscp?? :P

"Its a tool for transferring files from computers to SSh or vice versa."
Picking one scenario to use pscp. Lets consider I want to transfer one file from windows to unix, So the command for the same is given below. You have to run this command on cmd

Main syntax is:
" pscp [options] source [source...] [user@]host:target "

Command for the above scenario is as:

C:\Program Files\PuTTY> pscp C:\Test.xml  hv3775@sbsdev01:/A/GM/app/script/TestFolder/

Explanation of above example:

  • pscp - The PuTTY Secure Copy client, is a tool for transferring files securely between computers using an SSH connection.
  • C:\Cat2014ZD.xml  - Its the source, which we want to transfer.
  • hv3775@sbsdev01:/A/GM/app/script/TestFolder/ - It is the user+host+path where we want to move files.